A Little Biog

My epiphany, my magic moment, came watching Raiders Of The Lost Ark aged eleven. I was bewitched, transported to another world. Every year after that I made a short film with my friends.

I’m one of those people who’s compulsively creative, I can’t help myself. When I was a kid I wanted to be a painter, a writer, too, but films were the things I always finished — they were too practical to get bogged down in the pursuit of absolute perfection. Nowadays I enjoy working as part of a team, solving problems, figuring out what makes people tick. Collaboration with talented folks is my favourite thing, in fact – my definition of happiness.

I studied film and English literature at university, and worked for Saatchi & Saatchi’s video department in my holidays, where I taught myself how to edit.

Later I dabbled in pop promos and adverts. And I kept making short films.

My last short, The Librarian’s Dream (which I also wrote), was shot on 16mm film and won the BBC Talent competition. It more or less lead to my first feature.

I’m a computer geek. I built my own Linux-powered PC, can Photoshop, compress a video, code a bit of HTML. I know my way around the inside of a pixel. ;-)

I live near the beach in a small, beautiful English seaside town. I like cycling through the woods, a pint at sunset, that kind of thing.