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Robot Overlords on Twitter at the London Film Festival

Brian Taylor’s brilliant poster for Robot Overlords. Inspired by the works of Drew Struzan.

Three Robot Overlords reviews: i-Flicks Box Office Buzz Me And My Big Mouth

From our first screening at the London Film Festival.

I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

It seems to me that directors sometimes make movies like Robot Overlords from a mercenary point of view; they’re giving… Read more →

In The Lap Of The Gods

In Cannes to promote a project which might become my next film, with a prevailing wind. It goes by the name of Our… Read more →

My favourite of all the Grabbers posters, from our American distributor, IFC. An aside: it was their idea to have… Read more →

Grabbers trailer

Bloodsucking, tentacled aliens invade a sleepy Irish island. The locals discover that the monsters are allergic to alcohol... and head to the pub.

Grabbers reviews & awards

Winner of a “best actress” IFTA (the Irish equivalent of a BAFTA) for Ruth Bradley, Grabbers’ leading lady. Winner of “best… Read more →

Five Grabbers interviews: Den Of Geek IFTN Bloody Disgusting Sci-Fi Now

Five faves. Is it cool to use the word "faves"? Probably not.

The Grabbers Festival Tour

Sundance Strasbourg Edinburgh

Here’s an unofficial poster we put together for Grabbers, to illustrate a possible approach to advertising the film. It was… Read more →

Grabbers on Twitter at Sundance

A Rom Com With Mon

So, my adventure at the Sundance Film Festival 2012 is more or less over… Grabbers, my second feature, had its premiere there and… Read more →

A Perfect Moment

Inception was… extraordinary. Brilliant. So bold to make a movie like that with a huge heap of studio money. There were… Read more →

Tormented trailer

“They bullied him until he committed suicide. But death doesn't stop him taking revenge – one by one his former classmates get picked off in increasingly brutal and bloody ways.”

Tormented reviews

“Wright directs with bags of energy, realising he is in direct competition with Twitter, texting, or whatever else his low… Read more →

The Tormented premiere

Leicester Square! In the words of the Eurythmics… Sweet dreams are made of this.

The cast of Tormented in the Evening Standard magazine


by Lewis Carroll, 1871. ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were… Read more →

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