Adventures In La-La Land

I’m delighted to say I am now a client of Malcolm Hamilton (TV) and Sean Berard (film) at APA in Beverly Hills – or to unshorten the acronym, “Agency for Performing Arts”, the 7th largest talent agency in America, according to Wikipedia.

I’ve just spent a week in Los Angeles pitching a TV show pilot and a low budget horror feature to all the interested producers Sean and Malcolm were able to find… Please wish me the very best of British (i.e. good luck!)

First pic below is from a Saturday afternoon I spent with my Canon camera on beautiful Venice Beach. The rest are iPhone snaps, from my Instagram feed (click to enlarge). I find LA endlessly fascinating, I hope I get to spend more time there… Fingers and toes crossed.

Update – March 2020

Sean has left APA for pastures new — wishing him the Best of British on his latest adventure.