“Wright directs with bags of energy, realising he is in direct competition with Twitter, texting, or whatever else his low attention span target audience are liable to do in the dark”
— Sky Movies

“A smart horror-com that’s easily a match for its US counterparts”

“Their hulking, asthmatic nemesis is a worthy successor to the demons in Halloween, Friday the 13th, and the other horror touchstones they obviously know so well… Each killing is so inventive and so shamelessly silly that viewers will gasp and giggle in the same breath”
— Independent On Sunday

“Sam Raimi returns next month with hotly-anticipated horror Drag Me To Hell… One thing’s for sure, the cult director would have been proud to make Tormented, a fine new addition to the horror comedy canon”
— London 24

“Enjoyably gruesome… Here’s a horror perfectly pitched at its teenage target audience”
— Sunday Mirror

“Cool, sexy, amusing and nicely chilling”
— Daily Mirror

“Clever, original and shockingly funny… The film is perfect down to every small detail”
— Screenjabber

“The photography has a lush quality, with showy focus pulls and slow motion sequences betraying Wright’s background in music videos and advertisements”
— Sight & Sound

“Consistently funny in a painful way”
— Empire

“The rising-star actors are terrific… One of the most entertaining slasher movies in recent memory”
— Shadows On The Wall

“Unnervingly tuned to today’s teen audience… Lashings of teenage humour, winning characters, adrenaline-pumping thrills, and a bass-thumping soundtrack”

“A front runner for surprise Brit hit of the year”
— Look