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Robot Overlords on Sky Movies

Robot Overlords will be screening in the UK on Sky Premiere this Friday (Good Friday, the 25th of March) at… Read more →

Robot Overlords spawns a spin-off TV series Variety

I'll be writing and directing a few of these...

Robot Overlords trailer

A sci-fi adventure aimed at kids aged 8 to 14. And the young at heart aged 18 to 80.

Robot Overlords reviews

“A British sci-fi blockbuster, a must-see for all the family.” — Henry Fitzherbert, Sunday Express “Robot Overlords includes lots of… Read more →

Gillian Anderson on Robot Overlords Den Of Geek

“My six year-old... thinks it’s the best thing that he’s ever seen!”

The Wizard

Ben Kingsley, one of my acting heroes, talking on The One Show to four million viewers about a movie that came to me in a dream... Pinching myself.

The Set

Photographer Charlie Gray visited the Robot Overlords set for a day, shooting stills for a piece in Empire. I loved… Read more →

Robot Overlords on Twitter at the London Film Festival

Brian Taylor’s brilliant poster for Robot Overlords. Inspired by the works of Drew Struzan.

Three Robot Overlords reviews: i-Flicks Box Office Buzz Me And My Big Mouth

From our first screening at the London Film Festival.

I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

It seems to me that directors sometimes make movies like Robot Overlords from a mercenary point of view; they’re giving… Read more →

In The Lap Of The Gods

In Cannes to promote a project which might become my next film, with a prevailing wind. It goes by the name of Our… Read more →

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