My name is Jon Wright (no relation to Edgar or Joe!) and I’m a film and TV director based in the UK.

I’ve made three movies:

Robot Overlords — a sci-fi adventure for older kids starring Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson. It was released in cinemas around the world and is currently being developed into a TV show by Sky.

Grabbers — an Irish horror-comedy, winner of an IFTA (the Irish equivalent of a BAFTA) for its leading lady Ruth Bradley, and winner of five audience awards at international film festivals.

Tormented — a teen horror-comedy starring Tuppence Middleton and Alex Pettyfer, the first British film made for less than £1 million to get a “studio level” release.

In 2016 I directed the final “block” of episodes on two TV shows; Ordinary Lies for BBC1, and The Good Karma Hospital for ITV 1.

My schtick as a director is twofold. Firstly, I am – so people tell me – very calm. I push everybody to work hard and move fast, but I like to run a good-humoured, relaxed, collaborative set. Secondly, I love to make my days. My last three projects came in under budget and on schedule. The one before that was derailed by bad weather, which is beyond my control, alas… I see it as a duty to the people who’ve hired me, to make it work within the time and money we’ve pre-agreed.

My favourite TV shows of recent years were Stranger Things and The Crown. I’d love to direct a really cool, interesting TV show (or indie movie) in one of my favourite genres — sci-fi, horror, or fantasy.

My favourite blockbusters of recent years were Doctor Strange, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Inception. Maybe one day I’ll helm a big movie sequel like Star Wars, or a Bond?

Once Upon A Time…

My epiphany, my magic moment, came watching Raiders Of The Lost Ark aged eleven. I was bewitched, transported to another world. Every year after that I made a short film with my friends.

I’m one of those people who’s compulsively creative, I can’t help myself. When I was a kid I wanted to be a painter, a writer, too, but films were the things I always finished — they were too practical to get bogged down in the pursuit of absolute perfection. I enjoyed working as part of a team, solving physical problems, sitting with an audience. Collaboration with talented folks is my favourite thing, in fact – my definition of happiness.

I studied film and English literature at university, and worked for Saatchi & Saatchi’s video department in my holidays, where I learned how to edit.

Later I dabbled in pop promos, adverts, writing music for commercials. And I kept making short films.

My last short, The Librarian’s Dream (which I also wrote), was shot on 16mm film and won the BBC Talent competition. It more or less lead to my first feature.

I’m a computer geek. I built my own Linux-powered PC, can Photoshop, compress a video, code a bit of HTML. I know my way around the inside of a pixel. ;)

I live by the beach in a small English seaside town, with my girlfriend (I really should use the dread word “partner”), and my young son. I like cycling through the woods, a pint at sunset, that kind of thing.