This Summer I directed episodes 3, 5 and 6 of the second series of Ordinary Lies, a BBC 1 drama written by Danny Brocklehurst (The Five) and executive produced by Nicola Schindler (Happy Valley) for Red.

Jon Wright, Niels Reedtz-Johansen
Me and my Director of Photography, Niels Reedtz-Johansen, on location.

I had excellent scripts and a strong cast, and loved the opportunity to focus on character, to dig deep into the performances. Compared to my films, there was refreshingly little in the way of stunts and special effects. I shot in a variety of styles – more dolly and track than I ever have before, for example, which was an education. I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

From Andrew Billen in The Times

“Five episodes in it is time to acknowledge that Danny Brocklehurst’s episodic serial is one of the best dramas on television… Yesterday’s was a masterclass in how to achieve that rare narrative double: a story that is both unpredictable and true to its characters.”

Episode 5 on iPlayer

The link above may not work if you’re outside the UK… but my agent Matthew Dench may be able to help you out.